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Fabrication Drawings Service

The team of CLIK CAD Drafting can transform your hand sketches and documents to amazing shop Drawings. The detailers at Our company pay special attention to miscellaneous Steel Structural Detailing such as Joist Detailing, Steel Beam Detailing, Steel Gate Detailing and other Detailing which are done by latest-The CAD Steel Detailing Services, Steel Drafting Services and Steel Building Design Services provided by CLIK CAD Drafting are among the best that the market offers.

Below Steel Shop Drawings Services     |     Format Incoming and Output      |       Clients

  • Shop Drawings                                                                       * Dwg Format                                     Fabricators                                                                                          
  • Miscellaneous Steel Detailing                                      * Pdf Format                                        Structural Engineers
  • Working drawings for structures                               * Dxf Format                                       Contractor                                                                           
  • Bolt Lists                                                                                    * Kiss Files                                           Architect
  • Erection Drawings                                                               * Cnc Files                                           Steel Detailer
  • Advanced bill of materials                                               * Dwf Format                         
  • Bill of materials (BOM)                                                      * NC Files
  • Part Lists                                                                                                                                                  
  • 2D Drawings with CAD software’s
  • Connections Steel Detailing
  • Single Part Drawings
  • Reports

We are capable of providing steel detailing drawings and structural fabrication drawings in the following formats and file extension for multiple steel detailing practices

We provide Structural Steel Shop Drawings to healthcare, educational, commercial, government and industrial clients. As industry leaders in the development and use of latest structural software, our models easily interface with steel fabricators’ systems, saving significant time and money in the construction schedule.

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