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Q.Reasons Why Companies Outsource to India


1) Quality of Work

2) Unique time zone advantage

3) Low-Cost services

Q.How we can maintain Client relation?


Yes, Chudasama Outsourcing has excellent and talented high qualified people to take a client management process and maintain relationships.

Q.When can I interact with staff?


Generally, you can interact with our staff in the evening (USA). It’s depending upon the time zone. For UK, Europe, and Australia it also depends on the time zone.

Q.Do I need to have international calling efficiency to contact our office?


Yes, we have a number for the USA which can be dialed locally by you to reach us.

Q. Is our staff accomplished with Drafting and BIM Standards?


Yes, Chudasama Outsourcing is familiar with Drafting and BIM Standards. We have exhaustive many projects of Architecture Construction Drawings, CAD Drafting and BIM Modelling for USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. We have 10-years experience in that field.

Q.How can I send my input files to you for Quotation and Lead-time?


You can send your input file on our email id equip on our website. If the file is large more than 15mb, you can be uploaded on drop box and FTP also.

Q.How can I manage my work?


1) Input analysis

2) Hours and Cost conclusion

3) Pricing proposition

4) Quote Conformation