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BIM Services - Hotel

Project Description
This was a Hotel Building Architectural BIM (Building Information Modelling) detailing project that was completed for a Hotel Building. It taken five floors. We developed the Architectural 3d Model (LOD 300) as per the drawings provided by General Contractor. When the 3d BIM model was completed we submitted it to the Contractor for authorization. BIM Model, Floor Plans, Elevations, Details Drawings, Wall Sections, Framing Plans, Roof plans, Interior Elevations, Sections, and Detail Drawings were delivered for Authorization for client appraisal. Once the drawings were accepted we send them for Fabrication to the BIM model.

Why BIM Services?

It has innovative design principles. It's more advanced than 2D drawings. It has 4D and 5D capabilities. It also has collaborative abilities. 

  • Name of Building: Hotel
  • Type of Building: Hotel
  • Country : USA
  • Numbers of floor: 5 floors (LOD 300)
  • Nature of the Project -
  • Software used: Project executed in Revit Software.
  • Size of project : 7000Sq.ft
  • Resources Utilized : 2D Architectural Detailers, 1 project manager
  • Hours Consumed : -
  • Turn Around time : 15 Working days

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