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Structural BIM Service

Structural Modeller is an highly developed, yet instinctive and accessible structure information modelling (BIM) appliance that empower structural engineers and designer to make structural system for building and industrial plant life in steel, solid, and timber with limitless freedom.

Clik Structural Modeler is one of the most important opportunities to augment accuracy and effectiveness while reducing time, timetable, and costs crossways a broad spectrum of production projects.

Benefits of Structural BIM

  • Synchronise your code-based Fastrak or Orion model with a range of BIM platforms
  • Save valuable design and drafting time by only building one model
  • Use audit features to show you what's been added, changed or deleted during synchronisation
  • Improve your project communication, react to changes quickly and reduce the risk of errors
  • Capitalise on this proven technology to deliver high quality projects on time

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